Best 31 Side Hustles for College Students in 2020 – Make Money Without a Full-time Job


So you are in college and want to make some bucks for some of your personal needs and desires? Making money from side hustles for college students is one of the best feelings. I was in this same stage where I had a number of desires for which I couldn’t ask my parents for money, as most of those desires were just a waste of money as per my parents.

As a result, I started exploring on the internet about how to make money without a full-time job. I came across so many options to make money from side hustles but believe me 70% of them are just misguidance. I explored every possible option and came to the conclusion that there very few people who tell you the most legit ways to make money from side hustles.

So here I am with a legit list of ways in which you can make money online and can even scale up to $1000/week(I will talk about this later too).

Most of the ways mentioned here are tested by me or my friends and we all have made money with these. So if we can make money through these sources, so could you!

Social Media Marketing:

I have kept this at number 1 as this is my personal favorite way to make lots of money and the best side hustle for college students right now. Just through Instagram, I was able to make grands and so were my friends. Bt it’s not just Instagram, there are so many other opportunities on social media to make your living out of it. I will explain all of them in detail.


If you are not considering yet to earn from Instagram in 2020, you are just missing the best opportunity to make money online. This side hustle has made people millionaires and the business model is very simple. In the past three years of experimenting with different side hustles to make money from side hustles, Instagram was the easiest path and the most profitable one. Now you must be thinking about how to make grand on Instagram, and it requires thousands of followers then you are wrong. There are multiple ways to make money on Instagram:

  1. Selling E-books
  2. Selling digital affiliate products
  3. Providing monthly mentorship
  4. Creating content for other pages
  5. Managing big pages

We are working on a detailed article about how to make $1000/week from Instagram, so follow TrimVoid Instagram official page to stay updated.


Believe it or not but Facebook is still the biggest online market platform. The number of users and their choices stored in a database and using those data with the help of AI to do targeted marketing makes Facebook the legend of this online marketing space. So you will be thinking now, how could you make money out of it? The answer is by mastering Facebook Ads. There are many courses available on Udemy which can teach you Facebook Ads. You can use that knowledge to create Ads for clients such as small Apparel brands, local restaurants, dentists, and any kind of business. It helps businesses to gain new customers and in return, you can charge for your service. I personally know many of my colleagues in the Digital Marketing field who has clients worth $5k per month just to run effective Facebook Ads for them.

Email Marketing:

The conversion of any good affiliate product increases by 40% when done with Email Marketing. I am not talking about spammy emails of fake products. Email Marketing is far more than that. If you pick any good marketers, they have an email list of hundreds and thousands on which they work with keen interest to classify them as different categories of potential customers (Hot potential, Cold Potential, etc). So where do you think they get these emails from? This is where a freelance worker comes into play. You can contact different online marketers and tell them that you can do email scrapping for them as per their requirements and get thousands of email addresses of their potential clients.

Managing Brand Accounts:

There are many brands that want to do business and they don’t have much time to work for their social media branding. Also, they cannot afford to hire some big marketers. So if you have knowledge of managing social media accounts and growing them organically and with paid ads, you can provide your service. There are Instagram pages which TrimVoid team is managing and these pages are paying us $500 per month for just Instagram account management. So I would say it’s a great opportunity which you can’t miss.


Let me tell you about my personal experience. When I started digging the internet about how to make money online, the first thing people suggest is to start blogging. And why not, blogging has been the most legit way to make money online for so many years. So I started blogging then and there and guess what, it took me more than one year to make my first income through my blog. Blogging is an awesome way to make money but at the same time, it requires very smart skills to master. It takes time and a lot of learning. So in that case I will not be suggesting you do blogging as a whole but I would suggest Micro-blogging.

There are so many YouTube videos on micro-blogging and so many articles on the internet. But I never found them explaining 100% correct about what is micro-blogging. Micro-blogging is when your entire blog rank on a single keyword. For example, a blog named Gents Wallet Collection reviewing wallets from different brands. Trust me it’s very easy to create such blogs get traffics.

The main reason why these blogs are successful is that it gets mass traffic from social media platforms. Pinterest and Instagram are known for getting traffic for such visually appealing products. The traffic on such micro-blog sites can be monetized with affiliate products.


If you are interested in photography and got some skills in that there is no good thing than this to start in college. First of all, we get a lot of exposure if we are freelance photographers. There are so many clubs in every college that need photographers from time to time. It gives a lot of learning and even if you are a newbie in photography, you can learn from so many seniors and build a great portfolio. A strong social media authority will start getting outside clients interested in your photography.

Also, if you reach to a level where your click are getting lots of appreciation, you can start uploading them on Unsplash and Pixabay.

Graphics Designing:

Having the designing skill is like having a goldmine in your hand. Not just because people can hire you for their work but also you can succeed in so many other fields.

Success on visual platforms is highly dependent on how visually appealing the content is. YouTube videos with great thumbnails have greater views than videos with poor thumbnails. Instagram pages with creatively designed posts have more followers and engagement than pages with poor content design. What I am trying to say here is, being a graphics designer you can excel in so many fields at a time.

Graphics Designers are one of the highest-paid professions today. To start with this, you can start a course and learn Photoshop and start freelancing. There are so many businesses I come across every day with poor logo and website banners. All of these are potential clients.


If you are good at art or craft you can promote them on Pinterest. Pinterest has a maximum number of users searching for creative arts or crafts. If it’s your hobby and you are good at it and you live doing it, why not turn this into a business!

 Turn your hobby into an Etsy shop. There is literally a space for every craft, from conventional ones like sewing to… um… unconventional ones, like taxidermy. You can get huge traffic from Pinterest and send them to your craft store on Etsy.

E-Book Publishing:

I remember writing my own notes during my college. It takes lot of time to prepare a good notes for any subject, but during exam preparations, these notes are the best buddies. So if we are facing this issue, it’s sure that other students are also facing the same issue right!

Start creating E-Books for fast preparation of your own subjects and sell them on some online platform. Pro tip: Don’s sell them personally without any payment portal as it will lose it’s importance and one guy will buy and all will be using it for free.

Resume Writing: 

It’s the biggest complaint of employers – people can’t write a decent resume or cover letter anymore. With a historically high rate of job turnover and lots of people needing jobs, there’s a lot of money to be made helping other people improve their odds.

And mastering this skill will literally take one to two weeks. In this short period of time you will be able to write decent Resume for your clients for any kind of professional jobs.

Launch An Online Course:

Today everything is moving towards digital, and after the Covid-19 situation, all the businesses are going to be online. It’s the best time for you to start a digital course too. You could create an online course around that topic and sell it. Sites like Udemy allow anyone to create an online course and then sell it through their platform. There are courses for everything, so don’t worry if you think that your topic is too obscure.

Sell Gigs On Fiverr:

If you have got any kind of service which you can provide to others, you can create a gig on Fiverr about it. If somebody is looking for some kind of service which you are providing, they will contact you on Fiverr. There are so many categories on Fiverr to create gigs for, which you can explore and find which gigs are working well and making money. Just for an idea, I listed some of the popular gigs on Fiver:

  • Content Writing
  • Blogs writing
  • Logo Designing
  • Copy Paste works
  • Voice-over works
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Video Editing
  • WordPress Setup
  • Website Designing
  • App Designing

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High Ticket Freelancers Jobs:

Fiverr is a freelancers platform where anyone can provide any kind of service at as cheap as $5. When your service is of very high quality and you are really good at it then Upwork is for you.

Upwork is a freelancer platform for professionals where high-end tickets are sold. You can charge with per hour rate and make a good amount of money for your quality work.


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